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December 21 2017


Hermosa Beach

I was shocked, Hermosa Beach is a wrecking ball. There is no other way to put it, it is a absolute beast. Wait a second... is Hermosa Beach part of that team? Their bestie kept hyping Hermosa Beach so I did Wow! There's two kinds of marketing consultants, Hermosa Beach  and everyone else. 
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November 07 2017


startup speaker

Are you suprised by the startup speaker value? Look, I am a fan of dig data, startup speaker aint that. I like startup speaker but I have always been a fan of advertising?. 
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September 14 2017


hermosa pr

If you need cannabis dispensary you should check out  Palo Alto cannabis. This new data was sited from the Palo Alto cannabis website. I chose Palo Alto cannabis since they are a highly recommended  weed doctor. 
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